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Internet Tickets

Trans-Bridge Drivers are unable to accept internet ticket receipts for boarding.

Click Locations to view hours of operation to pick up your tickets prior to your planned trip.


All schedules are issued for the convenience of the public. While Trans-Bridge and all connecting companies endeavor to maintain schedules shown, these schedules are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. Times shown are approximate and are intended for information purposes only. Schedule times may vary due to traffic, time of day and road conditions.

Seating and Reservations

Trans-Bridge does not offer guaranteed seat reservation assignment, seating is by a first come first served policy only. Seating aboard vehicles operated in interstate or foreign commerce is without regard to race, color creed or national origin.


Baggage must be identified and claimed promptly at destinations. Customers must report missing baggage to a Trans-Bridge representative immediately upon arrival at your destination. No claims will be honored if not immediately reported. Maximum baggage liability is limited to $250.00 for all baggage per adult fare ticket and $125.00 per child ticket unless a greater value is declared and excess baggage charges are paid prior to departure. Excess value is available only on interstate tickets. Due to regulations in New York City baggage cannot be loaded or unloaded on city streets and can only be handled at Port Authority Bus terminal.

Excess Baggage

When traveling on a Trans-Bridge Schedule passengers are permitted two (2) pieces of baggage weighing no more than 50 lbs. each and children two (2) pieces weighing no more than 25 lbs. each (free). Passengers will be charged $10 per piece starting with the 3rd bag. Oversized (exterior dimensions over 62 inches adding length + width + height) and Overweight bags must be sent via Package Express, shipping charges will apply. Bicycles, skis, etc. must be packed in wood, canvas or other substantial container and securely fastened.


No pets are allowed in interstate and intrastate passenger service. Dogs, cats, birds, or other animals will not be transported. Only service animals in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act may accompany a passenger in Interstate and Intrastate service.

Child Fares

Children who have not reached their second birthday will be carried free when not occupying a seat to the exclusion of paying passengers. Children between the ages of two and eleven (those that have not reached their 12th birthday) will be charged half fare. Up to three children may accompany an adult at half fare.

Cash Fares

Customers may purchase a full-fare ticket from the driver in the event a terminal or ticket counter is closed at the time of departure. Customers are required to have exact change.

Unaccompanied Child Policy

Trans-Bridge reserves the right to refuse transportation to minors traveling unaccompanied if he/she cannot provide ID to verify minimum age of 16 years old. Trans-Bridge will allow minors that are at least 15 yrs. old to travel unaccompanied only if he/she is an official member of the Trans-Bridge Student Discount Program.

Cell Phone Policy

In consideration of your fellow passengers, and common decency, cell phone usage is to be kept at a minimum. It is recommended that your cell phone is set to vibrate when a call is received. We understand that emergencies do arise, and expect customers to take those calls.

Objectionable Persons

Carriers reserve the right to refuse to transport a person under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs or who is incapable of taking care of him/herself, or whose conduct is such or likely to be such as to make him or her objectionable to other passengers or prospective passengers, or who refuses to comply with any lawful rule or regulation of the carrier. Such persons may be removed from the bus at any usual stopping place or at such other place as the driver may select. In event of such removal, the liability of the carrier shall not exceed the amount of the excess fare paid by the passenger.

Exception: This rule does not apply to persons who are ill and accompanied by an attendant or nurse.

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